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Meego 1.0 New Operating System Has Released For Netbook

Meego, a new operating system that opens the cooperation Intel and Nokia have been released for version 1.0 with the target device netbook. To accurately complete the term of the operating system version 1.0, released Meego is Meego Core Software Platform and MeeGo Netbook User Experience.
Meego is similar to the previous version of Moblin Meego. Please note that this is Meego combined with Maemo Moblin. Meego has a cool user interface and enables us to update social network or other communications software such as email and scheduling with the calendar.

Meego 1.0  is comprised of the following components:

* 2.6.33 for Linux Kernel
* Udev and Device Kit
* GuPnP
* File system Btrfs
* Ofono telephony stack
* Bluez Bluetooth stack
* QT 4.5.2
* Google Chrome or Chromium
You can download at

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