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Live Blogging Contest from Bekasi Blogger Community

If you open and type the keyword Bekasi Bersih Partisipasi Blogger, then you will find lots of posts / articles are neck and neck from page 1 and so on. Article or posting that is being followed or writing contest Live Blogging Contest the theme Bekasi Bersih Partisipasi Blogger Committee held Amprokan of Blogger Blogger for participants Amprokan Blogger held on 6-7 March 2010 Bekasi yesterday. In the future until April 5, will be selected 20 large existing articles are at 1-2 and will be brought to the table for the jury assessed offline.

This is not just SEO contest. Yes not only SEO contest. Because in the end the quality of the content decisive in the end, as for the competition the keyword or keywords is a means for selecting the initial stage, he's let the jury make it easier, as well as the ability to measure how far the participants Amprokan SEO Blogger yesterday.

At least, this kind of competition is felt just remember there are awards for the quality of written content, unlike other seo contest that tends to favor results on search engines and whether or not a good despite the quality of the article.

The SEO contest is in progress right now than Live Blogging Contest is among Adalah Multiple Search Engine Popular, Festival Museum Nusantara and several other local contests.

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