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Claims Fastest WiFi router universal Bluelink

Bluelink release a WiFi wireless router N series which has a maximum data transfer capability up to 95 Mbps 85 Mbps. Wireless access device is claimed to be universal fastest in its class. "Have we more quickly than other brands which the N series average of just get to 40 Mbps up to 60Mbps," Teddy claims Risdianto, Marketing Manager Bluelink, in his statement in Jakarta, Wednesday (01/20/2010). Wifi wireless router with a BL-R33N product is also claimed to have the most distant range without the need to be modified. "We tested based on visibility, we could have reached 320 meters. While other brands range from 230 to just 270 yards," still says Teddy. According to him, proving its performance against all other brands of WiFi N series, held in the arena "Bluelink Challenge Competition" in Indocomtech 2009, YogyaComtech 2009, and Komputexpo Surabaya. "The result is remarkable, the fastest data throughput can be proved repeatedly during exhibition win," he claims this one is about a wireless router that dibanderol Bluelink Wifi range with USD 450 000 was. The increasing demand for Internet Access, make Bluelink optimistic released its latest WiFi wireless router. "We can find a variety of WiFi hotspots or areas in cafes or cafe. Internet via WiFi on the rise," he said. Bl-R33N Bluelink a multi-function WiFi. Could be a router, access point repeater at the same time in the same unit. This device also supports plug and play feature that makes it easy to configure. "Simply connect the source of Internet access to the BL-R33N, turn on WiFi and click facility on your PC or laptop, and connect instantly connected. Then you can do browsing, uploading, downloading, or streaming easily," said Teddy. In addition, BL-R33N have the ability to channel scanner, which can detect the channels that had been used by other WiFi in the area. Thus, these devices can take an empty channel in order to obtain maximum results. "Our wireless router is also encrypted network security technology with WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) use Ralink configuration utility. WPS is a new standard of network security with an encryption code which is very long," she said still. WPS itself was abuzz carried by the principals of network equipment maker. "If most of the other principals like Dlink, Linksys, still wearing Bluelink R33N WPS software version already has the hardware version of the WPS on board," concluded Teddy.

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