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Computer software with Flash Disk Lock

Predator is a tool that can lock your computer when not at the computer, even if your PC's operating system running.

With this tool you can make your USB flash drive into a key that can be used to lock and unlock the PC. So you can keep your computer from the use of other hands.

How to use this simple tool, just by plugging the flash drive into your PC, then run the tool Predator is in your PC, and later be asked to enter the password as the key to operate the PC you. When the tool has been run on your Windows system, when separated () Remove the flash drive of your PC, then use a computer will lock itself, even if Windows is running on the computer. To start the computer normally, just connect the USB flash drive if you use your PC.

With PC security PREDATOR easy to stay, as easy as plug and remove the USB Flash Disk PC! Download

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