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Skutik Yamaha T-MAX is the Skutik with 2 cylinder, capacity of 499cc, DOHC, liquid cooled, power was able to spew 43.5HP at 7500 RPM.Torsi that is big enough 45 Nm at 6500 RPM! Brakes front and rear disc brake ... already! Moreover, there is also a version that is guaranteed ABS grip and the potential weaknesses that tend skutik engine brake can do! Tank capacity of 15 liters .. Motor has a weight of 221 kg for the non-ABS and 225 kg for the ABS!

Skutik Yamaha T-Max comes with an elegant design with a sporty element that has high performance of a large output skutik gambot this Yamaha.
Two large headlamp on the front up with the design and signal lamps that match with the headlamp, and make the front of the T-Max has a smooth corner. Well regarded and light generated by the headlamp and signal lights have to meet the security element.

In addition, the futuristic panel in the speedometer, comfortable and be seen that T-Max is very comfortable when ride, is to design jok (seat) such as the sofa.

In addition to the design and convenience, in my T-Max will be the configuration with the support yahud order CF Die-casting aluminum frame Diamond, so that the handling of support stability skutik gambot this Yamaha.

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