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Pique: Mourinho Ruin Spanish Football

Poke to the eyes of Jose Mourinho Barcelona assistant coach Tito Vilanova, became one of the hottest topics discussed included from Gerard Pique.

Catalan defender was harshly criticized the army action he feels is not sportsmanship, according to him such a controversial action that would undermine and destroy the Spanish football.

From the footage that looks Mou Tito had eye poke and then gave a smile with a mock expression, it happens when the two sides dispute Marcelo red-carded after cutting the legs due to Cesc Fabregas.

"I hope what we will discuss the matter instead of clash and conflict, because this is very embarrassing," said Pique told reporters.

"This is not the first time that happened, and this is always the same among the players. Someone has to take action, Mourinho is destroying Spanish football,"

"They always say the kids Catalan, but the main problem is in Madrid," said Shakira's boyfriend is the expression of grouchy.

Coach Pique, Guardiola admitted Mourinho frustrated with the attitude, and he thinks it's because The Special One 'has indeed been too far.

"I thought he'd gone too far, he has crossed the line there, and he certainly must be stopped. We all can not end like this will continue, if it continues like this, then things will get worse,"

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