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Oops, Knickers classic Taylor Swift Looks!

If asked who you want to be artists, perhaps the name of Taylor Swift does not exist in your current list. Especially after they experienced an embarrassing incident during a concert in St. Louis. Incidentally, the skirt is worn on stage he rode up and showing off her panties. Oops!

Wardrobe malfunction incident that occurred on Saturday (13 / 8) and then when he was singing its flagship song, You Belong With Me.

The singer was 21 years never suspected that the existing wind machines on stage could blow her skirt up high and make her blue panties 'old model' was wearing clearly visible.

Fortunately, Taylor is able to master him. Professionally, he is still singing and avoid direct the direction of the wind machine. However, the back of her skirt was too exposed for a while and finally pulled himself by Taylor.

Talking about underwear in the 'old model' which is often referred to as a model granny panties with wide style, Taylor has never been disputed. Grammy Award winner is not interested to follow traces of other teens who like to wear Speedos.

"I'm not going to wear small clothes for my life, I think it is also not so important to wear it in a photo shoot," Taylor said during an interview with The Telegraph in London, last April.

Here goes the video:

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