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Bronze statue : JUSTIN BIEBER - Selena Gomez Adam and Eve CENTURY 21

Looks like no one if the lives of celebrities is very interesting. For proof, one of the artists to record it in a few works of sculpture is unique, and this time turn Justin and Selena Gomez.

Daniel is Edwars, a sculpture artist, who presents his latest work is inspired by the love relationship is woven Justin and Selena. Even this statue is quite controversial because both are depicted without clothes.

The statue was given the title of Justin and Selena as One, and featuring the young couple without any clothes. Justin's private parts covered only maple leaves, while Selena just 'wear' star-shaped cover.

Daniel stated that this bronze statue featuring Justin and Selena as the 'Adam and Eve of the 21st Century', with the side of the body are fused, described as if Selena leads Justin into the Garden of Eden. In front of them, were also seen Canada geese sculpture and armadillos from Texas, described the country of origin of each.

"This statue symbolizes the two Canadians and the Texas-Americans are very remarkable. But I believe Justin and Selena in the end will choose Canada as their Garden of Eden, because the allowance of Health and AAA credit rating in Canada, which will enable them to build a family , "Daniel said in an interview.

"Justin and Selena is described as one, symbolizing a beautiful harmony between the neighboring countries Canada and the United States. Other countries such as North Korea and South harusnyua can learn from the examples we provide. It would be interesting if the statue is exhibited in the regions adjacent land and hostile, "said his spokesman, Cory Allen.

During this, Daniel is known with his works is controversial. Some previous work is the statue of Daniel Britney Spears who was giving birth, Hillary Clinton, who appears topless, dirt Suri Cruise, to the inside of the body of Paris Hilton. Justin and Selena's own is not the first celebrity couple to diabadikannya. Earlier, Daniel had made a statue of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are embraced and is titled simply, Brangelina.

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