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5 Error in Process Bath

Since the first bath is considered as a useful therapy to relax the mind and cleanse the body if done correctly. But unfortunately some people just make mistakes when taking a bath. Anything?

Some other benefits of a bath is to help circulation, relieve stress, soothe sore leg muscles and ease inflammation joint pain.

As quoted from, Monday (03/01/2011) there were some mistakes made, thereby reducing or eliminating the benefits of bathing.

Here are some of the mistakes made by a person while showering, namely:

1. Clean the tub with toxic chemicals
Various cleaners are used to clean the tub containing hazardous materials are sometimes associated with cancer, reproductive problems and also damage the central nervous sisem. If the material is hazardous, then chances are there is residue left behind and mingled with the water bath.
2. Bathroom with shower, dirty filter
Use a shower bath can make the body become more relaxed, but only a few people who pay attention to cleanliness showernya filter. Researchers found about 80 percent of germs contained in the shower is sphingomonads or methylobacteria family. The bacteria can infect open wounds, attacks the immune system is weak, urinary tract infections and pneumonia.

3. Just use the shower gel alone
Generally shower gel on the market contain ingredients associated with the toxicity of the reproductive organs, allergies, disorders of the immune system, disrupt the nervous and other organ sisem.

4. Soak in chlorinated water
Bathing with water containing chlorine can be very dangerous, especially if the water is warm water. Because warm water will open pores of the skin and the water vapor will inhaled into the body. For that use filters or filters on showers and faucets are also used.

5. Bathing with hot water
Using a water bath that is too hot can be harmful to the skin, which causes skin blisters or dry. Therefore use warm water only, if you use the shower (shower), set temperature to prevent overheating.

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