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'Tron Legacy': Trapped in the Digital World

"Wifi, what's that?"
"Digital world to connect people without cable."
"Oh, I've thought about hahaha eighties."

That piece of chatter Sam when finally reunited with his father, Kevin Flynn. Kevin is a powerful video game maker. To Sam when he was a child he told me about one of his creations. He mentioned a figure character named CLU, and a world called the Grid. Kevin Sam promised to show that the design world.

But, that night, in 1989, after leaving Sam's room, Kevin disappeared. Then time to jump to a time when Sam was 27 years old. A mysterious message came to him, which made him revisit the old office of his father, and he found a room full of computers. And, cling! Sam had disappeared, and reappeared in a different world dimension. A crowd of beings pick him up.

Sam was brought into an arena reminiscent of the battle of the Roman Gladiator. The difference, which must be faced by Sam, was a creature-beings of the program. Or, it's like a game of Quidditch in the 'Harry Potter' - the difference, the little witch was armed Snitch, while the creature in the Grid-armed creatures that glow discs.

In the middle of Sam's efforts to survive and save themselves, a beautiful and sexy woman appears to save him, and delivered an old man, who was none other than Kevin, his father!

'Tron Legacy' is a fantasy science fiction digital generation. Forget aliens who invade the Earth, or obsession in life on Mars. Welcome to the "Middle Earth" video game generation. In our horror story is familiar enough with the imagination that portrays a sinister novelist is sucked into the world of her composition.

In the 'Tron Legacy', Kevin the creator of video games, and his son Sam, trapped into a game he designed. The user must face his own creation programs. Like Doctor Frankenstein who was being chased by monsters failed he created from pieces of the body. CLU is a Frankenstein monster digital nature that upset and demanded his master.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, based on the manuscript Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, was not smooth it pours fantasy. The story is weak to make the flow is slow and tedious, especially in the beginning. Conflicts are not so sharp was resolved easily. However, we are pampered with a futuristic panorama Grid, with architecture and luxurious interior, and great vehicles.

This film is a sequel to 'Tron' was released in 1982, when Garrett Hedlund who now plays Sam Flynn has not been born. Meanwhile, Jeff Bridges plays Kevin Flynn's comeback, and CLU as well. Actor Michael Sheen appears as a cameo, playing the character Zuse, an ally of CLU, and became one of the most interesting part of this movie. Zuse was a creature of the program with the white hair in a style similar to David Bowie.

Olivia Wilde portrayed Quorra, "disciple" Kevin is helping Sam, but overall its presence felt just tempelen. Following the current Hollywood trend, some scenes from the film is recorded with a 3D camera. However, the results are not effective. So rather than just save it bother mending 3D glasses were distributed when entering the cinema.

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