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Note Lightweight National Team: Indonesia Could Win?

Indonesia Football Team

Fantastic. Yes, one word that describes how it felt pretty proud that hundreds of millions of Indonesian people to witness live the victory of the Red and White squad 5-1 contra Affairs Team neighbor, Malaysia.

Support of the fans who packed the Bung Karno by singing the national anthem and slogans typical of Indonesia is able to provide an injection of energy that burns hundreds of times as much fighting spirit Gonzales and his friends while eliminating Malaysia.

This is the real game and it was amazing because Indonesia games foster children Alfred Riedl tub-style blend of Brazilian samba game with perfect teamwork of Spain.

Whatever it's called Vibizlife together with fanatical supporters of the Indonesian national team who also witnessed the eagle forces play very amazed to see the Indonesian players play perfectly. Not surprisingly, the early success in the inaugural match AFF Cup 2010 this should be greeted as a sign of resurrection festive feast of football Indonesia.

"How PSSI can win anyway? Ah nih correct? Indonesia can win the time anyway?," Said the supporters of Indonesia in the middle of the game is in progress.

Yes, it is surprising that so many who were arrested by Vibizlife response time from the mouths of the supporters of Indonesia seemed to not believe if the team can win with a score like that striking first opponent faced, including national team were first class in Southeast Asia, Malaysia.

Through this victory, Indonesia increasingly widen the record victory at a news Malaysia at AFF Cup (formerly Tiger Cup). From head to head record held Vibizlife then with Indonesia increasingly superior results over Malaysia with a score of 3-1.

Success at home to old wounds Indonesia over Malaysia last two meetings occurred at AFF Cup 2006, which at that time Malaysia managed to defeating Indonesia in the semifinals with a score of 3-1.

Throughout the fight lasted so Vibizlife can see first hand how Gonzales cs played very aggressive and patterned on each lininya. The game in midfield was very lively. This is not because of brilliant Okto Maniani who played brilliantly in the left wing.

Not to mention the super fast movement that is shown by Irfan Bachdim and flexibility in controlling the ball that was exhibited by Ariel Suyono make the Indonesian national team playing style became increasingly great.

And that is not less important is the determination of speed and power formula shown naturalized players, Cristian Gonzalez increasingly demonstrate the quality of Indonesia is one level above Malaysia.

It is also important that making a change in our national team than the past is the mental power of all the players care Riedl. Dropping first with a score of 0-1 does not necessarily make retroactive the spirit of the players. These events are due to counter-attack which is less anticipated by Malaysia Indonesia besotted Malaysia's defense continued to attack the hole.

But herein lies the amendment. Indonesia increasingly intelligent and mature in mental maturation. The proof despite lagging and status as host Indonesia just did not show heavy loads but can distort the situation 180 degrees so that all the fight lasted a direct replacement Indonesia bought up five goals without reply over 2 x 45 minutes until the whistle blew the field courts.

Indonesian national team rupayanya more and more learning to perfect the game in every lininya. Look slightly to the back of how Indonesia before East Timor's crushing 6-0 and silenced Taiwan with a score of 2-0 in a trial match before facing Malaysia on an official international tournament AFF Cup 2010.

However the players of Indonesia is obliged to remain stamped earth and do not be a complacency. However the war was not yet over and the second match later Saturday on December 4, 2010 turn to Laos that will test the resilience of Indonesia.

Indonesia itself in AFF Cup has never come out as champion. Indonesia's best achievement at the event, which previously was limited to titled Tiger Cup finalists. In this tournament on paper actually domination Indonesia is still less than the national team in Singapore and even Thailand.

This year, Indonesia joined in Group A with Thailand, Malaysia, and Laos. Indonesia had joined in the group phase with Thailand in the Tiger Cup 1998.

Here then comes the incident that marred Indonesian football. Since the last group match between Indonesia vs Thailand, Murshid Effendi accidentally scored an own goal, so that Indonesia lost and did not meet Vietnam in the semifinals.

Thailand was on the game play without passion because of the same - same as wanting to avoid Vietnam. As a result of the match, FIFA punished Murshid Effendi lifetime event should not be performed within the state.

But the past let go because the new has come. Seeing Indonesia Malaysia to compete when the crush is not an overstatement if Indonesia is Indonesia a new creation that will be ready to carve his gold ink on the international football arena.

Forget the case of the master general, Nurdin Halid was tangled in corruption cases. See how real our national team if the players are able to maintain this wonderful game of football Indonesia undoubtedly has a bright future bright.

Hopefully the Indonesian national team can be victorious in their own homes and bring back to earth earth AFF Cup. Rise up my
Indonesia football!.

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