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Mario Brothers Reaches Great Achievements in Late 2010

Sales of Nintendo DS game 'New Super Mario Bros.' has exceeded six billion copies. This figure exceeded the total sales of portable games Mario others, which if summed only reached five billion copies.

The data reported by the daily games Famitsu Japan. For information, this game made its debut on May 25, 2006.

At that time the career achievements of Mario and Luigi are not too exciting. After four years and seven months, the success of this game starts to look.

New Super Mario Bros. is the latest variant of classic Mario type games for portable consoles. This game has a 3D character object of fascination, which is rendered with 2D background.

In this game, there are eight of the world with a total of 80 challenges. The core of this game tells the adventures of Mario to rescue a kidnapped princess mushroom kingdom Browser Junior. Classic indeed, but successful.

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