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Insulting the King of Malaysia on Facebook, a Man arrested

Malaysian police arrested a man making up pages themed taunts at the former king. The man likely will be prosecuted with charges of incitement to defame the king.

The suspect who never revealed his identity is made up page that contains criticism of the Sultan Iskandar Ismail, King of Malaysia in the 1980's. The Emperor ruled for five years at that time and died in January 2010.

Men aged 40 tahunyang alleged perpetrator and the police investigated and could face up to 3 years in prison. Indeed, under the laws of Malaysia, the action of hatred against the ruling royal smell is prohibited.

Although his role is more on the side of mere ceremonial, a king still respected their position in this neighbor country. The majority Malay Muslims consider the kingdom so keepers of tradition and religion.

Police began investigating a Facebook page in question last August, after receiving reports from the public.

Pages that have been deleted include spending money criticize the sultan. The police successfully trace the location of the perpetrator after observing the pattern of Internet access

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