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Honda Off Shares in India

Manufacturer Honda motor market will focus on the two largest in the world, India. For starters, Honda will sell their stake in the joint venture company, Hero Honda to focus on companies that they have fully namely Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India.

Currently in India there are two big companies that play a role in the production, distribution and sales of Honda. First is the Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India is fully owned by Honda Motor Corp.

And one more is Hero Honda Motors, which is a joint venture between Honda and local companies, Hero.

Release of 26 per cent stake in Hero Honda Motors Honda makes pretty shocked. Because Honda themselves who took lolkal of the company to establish this company in 1984.

But Honda shares taken off even welcomed by his partner, Hero. Because the dominance that would have, Hero can now be freely exported motor production after all this time is prohibited by Honda.

Because when Honda took off 26 percent stake in the venture, Munjal family so now as the owner of Hero Group will have a 52 percent stake in Hero Honda Motors after previously only has 26 percent.

"We now can take advantage of market opportunities are diverse, including large export markets and new product categories and segmnen," Hero Honda CEO Pawan Munjal reporters in New Delhi as detikOto quoted by Reuters on Friday (12/17/2010).

And after releasing its stake in Hero Honda Motors, Honda also will direct the focus to the Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India they built in 1999 ago. The plan, Honda will build a new plant for Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India.

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