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Hit Laos 6-0, Indonesia to the Semi-finals

Indonesia convincing win over Laos. Six goals they lesakkan, making them qualify for the semifinals with the status of champion Group A.

At the Bung Karno stadium on Saturday (12/04/2010), Indonesia immediately press since the beginning of the fight. Through a counter-attack, Indonesia's defense threatens Laos through M. Ridwan on the right wing. But cross Ridwan still can be driven. Football corner to Indonesia.

In the seventh minute, Ridwan again tried his luck. But kananannya foot shot from outside the penalty box hit the player's body Laos. Back, Indonesia get a corner kick.

A minute later, a cross word in the left-wing Utina received by Hamka Hamzah at the far post. Unfortunately for Hamka, his header was off thin.

Ooh! Laos to get his first opportunity in this match. Kaysone Soukhavong kick from outside the penalty box hit the goalpost Indonesia. Almost.

Penalty for Indonesia! Cristian Gonzalez dropped in the penalty box when memggiring ball in the penalty box.

Firman Utina forward became the executor, and the Indonesian captain managed to outwit the goalie Sengphachan Bounthisanh to bring Indonesia winning 1-0.

Scored again to Indonesia! Action Ridwan, after use operand Kitsada blunders, bringing Indonesia a 2-0 lead over Laos.

Ridwan alone to carry the ball into the penalty box, he outwit the goalie Bounthisanh, and menceploskan ball into the goal, despite slipping.

Indonesia started the second half well, and right at the minute 49 'Garuda' re breaking nets Laos. Back Word who became printers tally.

Goal was preceded by a one-two pass with Ridan outside the penalty box. Once again received the ball, let's Word right leg kick to the far post. Indonesia a 3-0 lead.

Indonesia excellence grow to 4-0 at minute 51 and that became his miners is Irfan Bachdim. This was his second goal in this tournament.

Indonesia's fourth goal created after Irfan perform operand one-two with Cristian Gonzalez. Through a right leg kick to the far post, Irfan nets were breaking into Laos.

Indonesia to pertahana Laos pressure eventually return fruitful results in minute 76. Starting from the bait gastric Word, there was chaos in the penalty box Laos.

Hamka kick Bounthisanh can still be ignored, but the ball struck by Ariel Suyono and created the fifth goal of Indonesia. This is the second goal in the tournament Ariel.

Scored again! Far superior Indonesia Laos 6-0 in the 80th minute with bait breakthrough preceded by Irfan to Okto Maniani. Through its speed, beat two players Okto Laos and left leg to kick off the near post. The player number 10 was finally scored.

Action Okto cover it then becomes a goal in this match. Indonesia won six goals without reply and the right to advance to state championship semifinals with Group A.


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