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Film No Code, Angelina Jolie Angry

Actress Anglina Jolie disappointed that his latest film 'The Tourist' is not too get theattention of movie lovers. The film, starring with actor Johnny Depp was only ranked sixthbox office.

As reported by Showbizspy, Saturday (12/25/2010), 'The Tourist' is only able to reachU.S. $ 20 million in its first week of screenings. It is inversely proportional to the moviesearlier Jolie succeed.

"Without a doubt, this is a very big surprise during his professional career," said a source close to Jolie.

The actress who has received three Golden Globe Awards that had had to give his bestin the film. Jolie also shed frustration to her partner, Brad Pitt.

"Brad has been trying to encourage him, but that did not work. Jolie was furious when he heard the bad news. Every time he is angry, he always got impact," he added.

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