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Almost Nude Photo Leaks, Christina Aguilera Blame Hackers

A hacker successfully make Christina Aguilera upset. Because, the virtual dedemit held responsible for the release of nearly nude photos of the singer who often appears that section.

The photographs 'hot' was actually made is not without purpose, but specifically intended for the diva personal stylist. It's just the way, the photo was apparently involved stolen from a compromised account

Knowing this, through his spokesman admitted Christina absurdly growled. Moreover, photographs are now challenging it was wara-Wiri freely on the internet.

"This photograph was taken in private and actually will only be used personally from the star to her stylist," said the spokesman, quoted from Tg Daily, Tuesday (12/21/2010).

But what is meretricious, another says reality now because the circulation of this picture is out of control. Even so, the diva decided to be firm to anyone who intervened in disseminating the photographs.

"Including to take legal action for the hacker and the media who buy or acquire these photos without a responsible attitude," he concluded.

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