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17 locations are Bad for Sex Express

SOMETIMES you feel so hot for sex. Thus it occurred to you to have sex anywhere. Yet, not all locations can be your witness quickie with your partner.

Before deciding to channel the desire for sex, you should know the safe locations which do not become the center of public attention. Or a place where there are no dangerous objects that interfere with the process of lovemaking.

Here is a list of locations and a bad place to do a quickie, as quoted by The Frisky.
1. On a wheelchair
2. In a pile of mechanical cable
3. Sandy beach
4. River with a cold water
5. Hammock or stairs
6. At the edge of the window
7. Bathroom in the bus
8. Parents bedroom
9. Roof
10. Bed or couch in the front door of your house
11. Parking cars in front of the house of a friend or relative
12. On top of that easily dented goods, such as the hood or trunk of car
13. When the couple was driving a car
14. Above the glass table
15. Emergency stairs
16. A boat
17. In the jacuzzi

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