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'Brazil is Now Boring'

Brazilian Football synonymous with beautiful and entertaining game called Joga Bonito. But what was shown today by the 'Samba Team' is considered boring by a Johan Cruyff.
This Cruyff said ahead of a meeting between the Netherlands and Brazil timnasnya in the quarterfinals, Friday (2 / 7) evening hrs. As a fanatical Total Football Cruyff criticized the Brazilian-style game which is now judged pragmatist Dunga.
Cruyff then compare Brazil with the Brazilian now 70-80s era where Seleccao really look beautiful with Zico who fronted up nicknamed 'The White Pele'.
"Where is the Brazilian team that now we all know that no longer exists in the World Cup in? I see this team and remember the players such as Gerson, Tostao, Falcao, Zico or Socrates. Now I only saw Gilberto, Melo, Bastos, Julio Baptista, "Cruyff said sarcastically in the Mirror.
"Where is the magic of Brazil? I understand why Dunga chose the players, but where the playmaker in midfield or skill? I do not think people want to pay to watch them. I would never pay for tickets to see them," he continued.
Nothing wrong if Cruyff said this was because only Kaka and Robinho are arguably included in the team fantatista. Dunga chose the remaining hard-working players. Cruyff was the umpteenth person who criticized the selection methods Dunga in this World Cup.
"Brazil needs to play more intense, more rhythmic in the field because they are no specials. Fans always want to enjoy Brazil, enjoying their fantasies in the World Cup. But they do not have it this summer," I was a former Dutch star.
"They have talented players but they play more defensive and not very interesting. It's embarrassing for the fans and also the tournament. They are one of the most awaited team," he concluded.
But Cruyff's good to see the current reality in which time he led the Netherlands was never able to conquer the world through the Total Football. World Cup 1974 & 1978, Oranje to the final but always failed.

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